Hi! I’m Manthan Gupta, a passionate and curious generalist software engineer based in Delhi, India. I know a little about many things in tech but recently found fascination with Distributed systems and Databases.

My main focus as an engineer is to solve problems using tech without bias towards frameworks and languages.

In my professional experience, I have worked on building end-to-end products that involved building mobile applications, REST-APIs, data pipelines, libraries, QA frameworks, and internal tools. I’ve hands-on experience designing & developing applications in domains like web3, productivity, ed-tech, healthcare, fintech, and creator economy.

These days, I’m playing around with Go. As I try to use the best tool for the job, I also know other programming and scripting languages as well.

Other than being a Software Engineer, I love to hit the gym 4x per week, travel, read fiction, play and watch cricket, and watch F1. Next on the list is to take MMA training.

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So, you’ve stumbled upon my blog and thought, “I want to work with this person!” Well, I am flattered! If you’re looking for a software engineer who can code cool programs and design systems, you’re in luck.

Whether you’re offering a full-time gig that promises excitement, challenges, and maybe a snack bar with unlimited coffee (fingers crossed), or if you’re in need of some freelance consultation! Slide into my inbox at

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If you’ve got burning questions, content ideas, or just want to share a virtual high-five, drop me a line! Got a joke or a quirky story? Share it! I’m all ears (well, metaphorically speaking). Send me a DM on Twitter preferably or write to me at